Revel to expand e-moped fleet in Brooklyn

If you live in Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Bushwick, you’ve likely seen these electronic mopeds on the streets.

Now you’re likely to see even more of them.

Last week, Revel, the company behind these blue e-mopeds, announced that it will expand its fleet to 1,000 vehicles.

After a pilot program in north Brooklyn with just 68 of them, Revel will disperse them throughout 20 neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens.

The new e-moped fleet is now built for two riders, and will have a simple kickstand for parking.

Each ride will cost a flat rate of $1 to start, with 25 cents per minute thereafter. The first minute of every ride, called the “safety minute” is free.

Revel has also created a new “Equitable Access Program,” giving riders who use public assistance programs or live in NYCHA housing 40 percent off.

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