Neighborhood Safety Coalition to launch in Williamsburg

Photo courtesy of NYC Mayor’s Office

Amid a surge in anti-Semitic hate crimes and New York City, as well as the fatal stabbing of five people at a Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, the city is stepping up its efforts to combat hate.

On Sunday, Mayor de Blasio announced that the Brooklyn communities of Williamsburg, Crown Heights and Borough Park will launch new Neighborhood Safety Coalitions, overseen by the Office for the Prevention of Hate Crimes.

The coalitions are tasked with identifying and addressing issues that drive hate-based crimes. They will bring together community members, whose presence in schools, street corners and religious institutions will hopefully deter hateful actions.

Williamsburg is also one of the five Brooklyn neighborhoods that will receive increased NYPD resources and patrols.

There will be more NYPD presence at houses of worship and during local events. These neighborhoods will be getting new light towers and security cameras.

Finally, the Department of Education will implement new hate crime awareness programming next month for middle and high schools in Williamsburg.

New curriculum on hate crimes will also be launched in neighborhood schools beginning with the next school year.

“Fearing the next act of terror will not become the new normal for our Jewish neighbors,” Mayor de Blasio said in a statement. “In New York City, diversity is our strength and we respect the traditions of all who call New York City home. Intolerance will never take hold here.”

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