Maloney calls for express bus from Williamsburg to Manhattan

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Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney is asking the MTA to consider launching a new express bus line from Williamsburg to Manhattan.

The lawmaker penned a letter to the MTA asking for the new route, following up on two previous requests from earlier in the year.

Brooklyn Community Board 1 also unanimously voted in favor of a resolution calling for a new bus line .

“Due to the ongoing need to practice social distancing to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, I think this route would merit consideration as part of the new bus lines being implemented by the city as part of the coronavirus response and city reopening,” Maloney writes. “Many residents have expressed a strong preference for buses over subways until the threat of the global pandemic recedes.”

Anyone who takes the L train knows how crowded it can get, especially before the pandemic struck. Maloney referenced in her letter that the Bedford Avenue L train station is often overcrowded on the platform.

One suggestion the federal legislator put forth is extending the route of the B32 to Manhattan using either the Ed Koch Queenboro Bridge or Queens Midtown Tunnel.

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