L train shutdown to be averted

The L train shutdown is no more.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced just hours ago that the L line will not undergo a 15-month closure between Brooklyn and Manhattan as planned.

Instead, Cuomo has unveiled a new plan – never before used in the United States – that will secure the Canarsie tunnel and all of the electrical work using nights and weekends only.

According to reports, the new plan would be completed in the same timeframe as the previous shutdown plan.

The news came after the governor toured the L train tunnel with a hand-picked panel of experts and engineers late last year. Cuomo held the announcement close to the chest, as the announcement reportedly came as a shock to even city and MTA officials.

What does this mean for L train riders? There will still be headaches, especially during nights and weekends, but the 225,000 daily commuters who travel between Brooklyn and Manhattan will be spared.

Advocates are already demanding that the governor released the full plan and details of his new plan. But for now, it seems the L train shutdown is cancelled.

What does this mean for your commute? Is this good news, or bad news? Let us know in the comments below.

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