Brooklyn Legal Services names new project director

Brooklyn Legal Services, which provides free civil legal services to low-income Brooklyn residents, has named Tanya E.M. Wong has its new project director.

Wong began her career at Legal Services NYC over 20 years ago, when she joined Harlem Legal Services, and later the Brooklyn branch of LSNYC, before becoming its director of government benefits.

She is an expert in the areas of government benefits, specializing in welfare rights and other anti-poverty and anti-hunger programs.

Wong was the lead attorney in Huerta v. Zucker, which established due process rights and procedures for women and children who receive nutrition and healthcare supplements through WIC.

She served as acting project director in Staten Island from October 2018 to December 2019. Wong is a graduate of Harvard University and Northeastern University School of Law.

“Brooklyn Legal Services has a long history of legal excellence and fighting for social justice and I am looking forward to building on that legacy in partnership with the communities we serve and our very talented and experienced staff,” she said. 

“Not only will we continue to provide access to justice to those who cannot afford it, but we will leverage our resources to address structural inequities and biases impacting our clients.”

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