Borough president allocates money for STEAM

Photo Credit: Erica Krodman/Brooklyn BP’s Office

Borough President Eric Adams has earmarked $15 million in capital investments to nearly 60 Brooklyn schools for STEAM programs.

The funding will help construct multiple hydroponic labs, computer labs and tech labs in those schools.

Six schools in north Brooklyn received funding as part of this allocation from Borough Hall:

  • Automotive High School (Williamsburg): $100,000
  • JHS 291 Roland Hayes (Bushwick): $300,000
  • IS 347 School of Humanities (Bushwick): $300,000
  • Brooklyn School for Social Justice (Bushwick): $250,000
  • PS/IS 45 Horace E. Greene (Bushwick): $350,000
  • Brooklyn High School for Law and Technology (Bushwick): $240,000

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